Jesus Got My Back. Jesus
Got My Back
Jesus Got My Back.
Jesus Got My Back.

About Jesus Got My Back

My name is Terrell Clima. I am just a simple person who has been blessed by God and challenged by Him to get His Message of Love out there to you.

I have worked and lived with people, both young and old, who have walked a very hard path; and I felt a strong need to let them know how much Jesus has helped me in my life.

I started to see people wearing "Jesus is my homeboy" t-shirts and it truly brought a smile to my face. These people who I saw seeing wear these t's were not people I would expect to see honoring God. Not only were they putting their faith out there for people to see, but it even started to be cool.

One sunny afternoon, while walking down the notorious Haight-Ashbury Street in San Francisco, I was stopped in my tracks by a warm feeling. I was overcome by the feeling that it was Jesus who had my back. It was Jesus who would always take care of me no matter what. From that day, I worked hard to find an untrademarked phrase, a logo to be drawn and a printer to produce the t-shirts and hats that bore this message that I need to share. Hopefully these shirts and hats will be found by people of all walks of life, reassuring them, letting them know that it is Jesus Christ who has their back... And it is cool to show that to the world.

Once again, my name is Terrell Clima and I am very honored that you are reading this. I pray that you will always know how much Jesus loves you.

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